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Keeper's Column

Turf report

With the recent extreme rain event it’s been a pretty challenging start to 2022, the challenges will continue with the wet weather set to continue into the future. The total rainfall to date is 862.5mm from January to now. During this rain event, it has been quite challenging to maintain the roughs and fairways, there has been times where the roughs have been 8-10 inches in length. This is due to machinery being unable to be used to maintain these areas due to extremely wet and water filled grass.

I would like to gently remind everyone that throughout my extensive 20-year career I have worked in different specialty roles, including golf courses, sports grounds, cricket pitches and as drainage and irrigation specialist. Please be advised that the drain down the ninth fairway was filled in due to safety concerns for golfers and staff, in numerous sections the soil had significantly eroded creating 3m wide by 2m deep trenches. Unfortunately, the works that were scheduled to finish the repair on this drain had to be postponed due to the unplanned wet weather in the summer months. Whilst I understand that the drainage and wetness issues can sometimes cause frustrations to the members, this will unfortunately be an ongoing issue because the course is located at the base of a hill. Its foundation is clay soil. Although, be assured that the staff are always dedicated to maintaining the course to the highest standard with the limited recourses that we have available.

Greens program

The 2021 summer was extremely mild with minimal high temperature days, with no extreme 40 plus degree weeks which can be common. With the mild summer there was very little heat damage to the course and the greens surfaces coped extremely well. This can also be attributed to regular application of wetting agents and all required nutrition which allowed the greens to maintain a good standard. This also led to minimal hand watering which saved staff time, allowing them to concentrate on other course maintenance. The stem weevil program for this summer was once again successful in controlling the pest and will be continued in late 2022 through to summer 2023. Once weather permits, the greens will be sprayed for weeds and some light renovation works will be conducted to continue improving the surface. Tee beds will also be fertilised in early April to help with growth and recovery when going into the cooler months.

Looking Forward

When possible, we will continue to repair cart paths, complete the drain works, conduct course clean up and maintenance. We hope to get the course back into shape, as quickly as possible after this unprecedented rain event and thank our members for their continued patience during course closures.


Captain's Corner

Message from the Captain

During the last couple of years, the Covid-19 pandemic has been tough on everyone. Social distancing measures were introduced at Macarthur Grange and at times, policy allowed only members to attend the course who lived within a 10km radius and later 5km radius of the Golf Course. This created a lot of disruption to our Golf Competitions.

Some decisions were made to ensure our members could play safely, and in accordance with the current NSW Health restrictions.

As predicted, it has been a wet Summer and the course has been impacted due to heavy rain falls and flooding. We greatly appreciate the tireless efforts of our Green Keepers, in particular during these recent times. It’s been a tough gig for our team in keeping the course maintained, but our Course is looking great nonetheless.

The Golf Course continues to be at the forefront of the Club’s focus and we will continue to do all we can to ensure our members and players enjoy each and every game.

MGCC Club Championship 2021

This year we started it off with a delayed Club Championship for 2021. Played over 4 rounds on the 15th, 16th, 22nd and 23rd of January.

A massive congratulations to the winners of the Graded Championship. (Richard Hayes – Senior Champion, Lorenzo McFarland – B Grade Champion, Kristy Riley – Ladies Champion, Luke Campbell – Club Champion and Neville Ashton-Hay – C Grade Champion).

Nett Winners: Andrew Arnold – A Grade, Lorenzo McFarland – B Grade, Neville Ashton-Hay – C Grade, Kristy Riley – Ladies, Richard Hayes – Seniors

Australia Day Cup

Australia Day Cup saw our Members come out and play for Individual Stableford and 2 Ball Best Ball Group win.

Winner of Individual Stableford – Fokisau Chan Sau (44 points)

Winner of 2BBB – Kobisau Chan Sau and Ianu Lam-Slade – Nett 48

Congratulations to our winners!

What’s Next?

Moving through the end of January and beginning of Feb we have the first round of Match Play and the start of Major Pennant’s competition for 2022. Macarthur Grange will play host Georges River in our first round of Major Pennants. We wish all representing the Club the best of luck.

On that note we will leave it here and update you as results come in for Match Play and Pennants.


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